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Serial Communication: Turn On and Off Arduino LED

Wrote a script for the Arduino to listen for a byte of data and depending on that value turn the LED on the Arduino Board On and Off. Read more…

C# App to send and receive serial data

May 31, 2011 10 comments

Took 30 mins out of my day to quickly code an app to send and receive serial data to my Arduino Uno. The app is simple in terms of just setting the Baud rate and the port name required to open a connection to the Port. Read more…

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Send serial data (strings) from Arduino

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

So I have some spare time, so I looked at the Serial Communication using the Arduino device. I was able to successfully send messages from the Arduino board to the Arduino Serial Monitor on my laptop. I was able to send simple  hard coded values as well as dynamically generated string messages.

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Fading LED

January 3, 2011 1 comment

Arduino Uno unpacked

I finally got my hands on a Arduino Uno. I was surprised at how small the unit was, as it’s slightly larger than a box of matches. After downloading the latest version to date of the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (v0.22), I managed to install the drivers on windows 7. Read more…

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My First Post

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

This is officially my first post on my new blog (the old one got suspended for some reason). This blog will primarily be for showcasing my Arduino projects and observations I have or have learned. I hope this will be a good journey, and hope to enjoy every second of it.

Rosco's little helpers

My sidekicks

My Wife and I also have two pugs who run around the house and help out where they can… mostly by chewing on things, but they are good to have around. They are my sidekicks.


I hope my projects will help others in playing with their Arduino. So till next time…

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