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Jenkins CI Teddy Bear

Ted The CI Teddy Bear

Completed Bear

Build server is complete. Build it using a Rpi:

Recipe:1x Rpi2x RGB LED’s
1x Rpi GPIO ribbon cable
1x copper wire
1x unpowered USB Hub
1x wifi dongle
1x Genius speaker
1x NFC Tag
1x Webcam (use it for the usb audio mic)

-All in one unit, can be unplugged and moved easily and once plugged in everything starts working within 1 minute
-Reports on Jenkins build server status – single job monitoring in depth, but can give a overall server stats on successful, building and failed jobs
– Can kick off a Jenkins build
– LED eyes glow depending on the state of the monitored build (Green = success, blue building, red failed)
– Fitted with a battery back and wifi, so its wireless
– All jobs are scheduled

and in the cron, so if any crashes occur, the scripts are back up and running within 1 minute
– Easy Setup: fitted with A NFC tag under the ear, simply swipe your NFC enabled cellphone over the ear, and the web GUI frontend will open up in your browser, so you can setup the server to monitor as well as the job. So swipe and setup in under 1 minute. no need to ssh into the rpi
– Has airplay support so you can stream audio to the Teddy which comes in handy if you are having a braai (portable music), or for a kid listening to lullabies (stream it)
– Has voice control (buggy) but can command the Teddy to kick off scripts, or ask questions to get the answer (like “how long is a piece of string”).

I used a few open source libraries, and developed the front end with Django. All other scripts are bash shell and python. (will update list soon)


The voltage regulator  generated alot of heat and kept cutting out, so i attached an old motherboard heatsink to it (seems to work fine now)

Voice control is a little buggy as its always in a monitoring mode, so commands get missed.

Getting the wifi to work on certain networks was a mission, but got it working fine on my home network.

Will post a video soon


Rpi setup outside of teddy bear


GUI for setting up monitoring of jobs


Battery pack with voltage regulator


Teddy Bear with NFC Tag on underside of ear


Teddy Bear with voltage regulator hanging out the back

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