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CI Built Monitor Teddy Bear

Prototype RGB LED Eyes for the CI Build Teddy Bear

Prototype RGB LED Eyes for the CI Build Teddy Bear

CI Teddy bear Spec

CI Teddy bear Spec


Update: Completed Teddy bear is in this post: https://adamsrosco.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/jenkins-ci-teddy-bear/

Our company has setup a internal competition to create a CI Built Monitor to monitor the software check-ins. As it is for a competition inside the company, i may not be able to publicize much of the source code, but will still have some pics on the build… Thinking of building a Teddy Bear, with LED Eyes to indicate the condition of the CI Built,and to try and have it speak a phrase and possibly the developers name who broke the Build. Currently planning on using a Rpi+Arduino. Completed the RGB LED eyes prototype this morning, so will see how the rest of the week goes.

Update 2013-04-23: Started working on the python class which will communicate with the Jenkins CI Server to get all the build information. Class works, so tomorrow I can begin work loading the Rpi, and start work on automating the script and scheduling it as a cron job.

Update 2013-05-06: Completed a working prototype of the software for the monitor. Connected to a live Jenkins CI server and monitoring a live build. So the LED’s are working as expected. I was also able to add voice synthesis to the build, so the Rpi speaks the name of the build as well as the status. Will be working on hooking up a motor to get some vibration and purchasing a small speaker for the Rpi’s headphone jack (or might build one, but we’ll see).


LED’s hooked up to Rpi

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