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Arduino Pet Feeder (Arduino Exhibit).

My wife and I put together our pet feeder, for the Intro to Arduino event in Cape Town. We did the best we could with masking tape and cardboard, and put together a working prototype of an internet enabled pet feeder, with an online front-end.

The site, is still under development, but is functional right now [at] http://mypetfeeder.appspot.com . The site is hosted on Google App Engine, written in Python. Once you log in, a profile will be created for you, and you will be able to set your time zone, as well as set 1 feeding schedule. Once that is setup, the Arduino will then be able to pull in that information over the internet. The site will be updated in the near future as well as the code for the Arduino made public, so you can build your own pet feeder, and use the site to schedule your feedings.

The yodafeeda was built using an Arduino, Ethernet Shield, cardboard box, hamster tubes, masking tape and alot of imagination.

I will post the pics of the feeder at a later stage. The exhibit demo went well and got the feeder to drop some food into a dog bowl.

Update: Exhibit went well.. I unfortunately didnt take any pics of the feeder… wasnt a looker as it was made of cardboard. Will need to work on the code a little more before I release it to GitHub so will keep you guys posted.

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    I’d like to find out more? I’d like to find out some additional information.

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