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C# App: Code For App

June 28, 2011 6 comments

I see there have been alot of visits to the C# app post, and as I am not able to upload the application to the site, I have now dumped all the code below.

You need to create a SerialPort object which will let you connect to your Arduino. You initialize it using the COM port the Arduino is using as well as setting the baud rate (The speed at which the Arduino will communicate). These are selectable via drop down’s on the form to make it easier to switch. You also attach an event handler to listen for serial data coming from the Arduino and to respond accordingly. The code was done in Visual Studio 2010, and is a fit for purpose quick code project. It does it’s job to just send and receive serial data.  Read more…

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More components

June 10, 2011 1 comment

My wife surprised me recently with a few new additions to my electronics set. There have been a few components I was in the market to get and experiment with. These were the Ethernet shield, Wiichuck adapter and mechanical relay.


Ethernet Shield


The DFRduino Ethernet Board V2 (From

The shield I have is manufactured by DFRobotics called the “DFRduino Ethernet Shield V2” as an Ardunio Ethernet Shield clone. It has network capabilities and supports SD Card read/write. All official Arduino libraries work on this board.

Adding network capabilities to your existing Arduino comes at the expense of 4 digital pins (namely 10,11,12 and possibly 13) but is a small sacrifice if you can connect to the internet. This board also supports network connections up to 100Mb/s.

The shield stacks atop my Arduino Uno and feels like solid workmanship. The shield is compatible with the Uno, Dumlinove and Mega boards. Read more…

Arduino: Testing a Thermistor

Winter is upon us! And I thought to myself, its cold, but I do not know exactly just how cold it is. So I went online and found a

Tools for Thermistor test

Tools used for Thermistor Sketch

sketch (on the Arduino website) which experiments with a thermistor.

A thermistor  is a electronic component that registers a change in resistance in relation to the change in temperature. So the sketch requires:


  1. Arduino
  2. 10k resistor
  3. 10k Thermistor
  4. breadboard
  5. Jumper connectors. Read more…

Create Cheap Arduino-to-Android Wireless with a Magnetic Coil | PCWorld

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Serial Communication: Turn On and Off Arduino LED

Wrote a script for the Arduino to listen for a byte of data and depending on that value turn the LED on the Arduino Board On and Off. Read more…